Take a walk on our private birding trail for great bird
and wildlife viewing and photo opportunities.  
The following photos were taken by guests enjoying our trail.
Time for you to get your camera out!!
Lek Viewing
View Lesser Prairie Chickens
during their mating rituals on
private property- exclusively
used by Arena Dust Tours
(no crowds)  (seasonal)
Lesser prairie chicken in
flight-Photo taken by Chris
Frank on one of the tours
Photos courtesy of Don Poulton, Terry Ross Poulton, and Itty Bitty Ranch Photography
We provide a unique opportunity for a southeast Colorado getaway-rural, historic, quiet and personal
If you want to learn more
about the Lesser Prairie
Chicken click the link

Information about the
Lesser Prairie Chicken
Fred and Norma Dorenkamp
accepting their Official
Colorado Birding Trail Site
designation at the
Official Colorado Birding Trail acknowledgment 2007